Duffy's Digs

Prices include tax but do not include shipping!

If you see something you'd like and would like it mailed to you, please include $6.45!

Items will be mailed Priority Mail USPS and include Delivery Confirmation.  

Simple yet elegant Stud Earrings of malachite stone cabochons.

Can select from other cabochons in stock for size & choice 

of stone.



Silver Bali Earrings -  these eye catching orbs are 

silver but can also be done in copper with a silver 

ear wire.



Czech Glass Earrings with silver wires and 

hammered interest below the beads.  


Egyptian Coiled Earrings with handmade glass 

beads and copper wires and findings.


Hammered Copper Earrings with green turquoise 

beads on hammered silver wire hanging in front of a 

rectangular copper piece. Movement and a little jingle! 


Green Aventurine Earrings are a simple 6mm bead 

with a sterling wire  - all one piece - coming from a loop 

above and below right into the hangers.


Tree of Life Earrings in miniature - 1" across custom made 

for a customer with sapphire and amethyst Swarovski crystals

noting her parents birthstones.  Copper frame and tree with 

sterling ear wires.


Lampwork Glass Bead Earrings  done in sapphire 

and sterling wires are quite elegant with a hammered

coil beneath the bead.



Hammered Brass and Black Onyx beads make an eye 

catching movement with a twist of your head... sure to be




Sterling Mobius Earrings - circular silver rings entwined 

and circled by smaller ones to hang from sterling ear wires.


Sterling Inca Puno chain paired up with hand-made lamp work beads.


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