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Welcome to the home of Duffy's Digs!

I love working with metal wire to create pieces such as Viking Knit chain and sheet copper and silver forged with natural and artisan made stone pieces. Over the years I've worked with copper, silver, brass and bronze to create a very interesting and unusual line of jewelry. I especially love including lamp work beads from three local artists in many of my pieces.  I also do hand-knitted scarves. We are a Top-Rated Plus Seller on eBay since 2001.

Our studio is right in the village of Lowville at 5564 Highland Ave, and open Tuesday and Friday from 11-4 or by appointment! Check with us if you'd like to come and browse at 315-376-3839 or 315-486-5471.  

We also do auctions on eBay since 2001!  Over the years we've waded through our collection and built up our reputation as a Top-Rated Plus Seller with a 100% positive rating - earned by being an honest and fair trader.  Descriptions are researched so the potential buyer is presented with factual information and detailed photographs are presented to show every facet and flaw!  If you have something you'd like to consider selling, give us a call.  Our present selling items can be found at:

Dorothy & Tom Duflo
5564 Highland Avenue - Lowville NY 13367

eMail at: tduflo@twcny.rr.com
Always something a little different! 

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